In this digital age that we now live in, almost everything is done electronically. One of the biggest conveniences of everything being digital is the simplicity of electronic payment options throughout many different establishments. More and more companies from all types of different industries are seeing the advantages of switching to electronic payments. However, many of these companies also do not have the funds to put an actual kiosk on site for these electronic payments to be processed in. But, there are solutions to this problem to help you and your company advance to the ease of electronic payments without emptying out your wallet.


Computers have already formed part of daily life. Most of us make use of them for email and internet use the way several industries do. An industrial computer serves different applications depending on the particular business making use of them. Whatever these businesses are, this type of computer renders its specific purpose.
From factory automation and communications and networking to gaming and point of sale terminals, industrial computers are of great use. Each of these applications has different uses for the industrial PC. Below are explanations for some uses and functions of an industrial computer.

Factory Automation

Computer Enclosures enable operation of computers in a certain harsh industrial, public or outdoor environments that require some added protection of a Nema 4 rated industrial computer enclosure. Our dust, water, and tamper proof computer enclosures,  laptop enclosures, and printer enclosures are perfect for housing a standard computer or printer in harsh environments.