Sloped Top LCD Guardian

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This water, dust, and tamper proof LCD / Plasma Display enclosure has a stylish sloped top and bottom, making it the perfect anti-ligature option for hospitals (mental or psych wards). It is offered in multiple sizes for 17" - 65" screens also works well in outdoor and harsh public or industrial environments. This flat panel display enclosure includes a durable clear plastic window that provides outstanding protection and a great view of your flat panel display. The enclosure door opens easily for quick access to the display.

Ships with:  Steel Enclosure, Strong Clear Plastic Window, LCD Mounting Bracket,
Cooling Fans, Filter, Water-tight Gasket, and Keyed Locks. 

Materials Available:
Powder Coated,
Stainless Steel 

Available Accessories:  Ceiling Mount, Pedestal Stand, Heater, Thermostat,
Tilt Bracket, A/C unit, Non-Glare Window

Nema Rating:
4, 4x

15 - 24" Sloped Top LCD Guardian
26 - 32" Sloped Top LCD Guardian
37 - 49" Sloped Top LCD Guardian 
49 - 57" Sloped Top LCD Guardian
58 - 65" Sloped Top LCD Guardian

Shipping Weight:
24": 35 lbs
32": 70 lbs
48": 95 lbs 
55": 125 lbs
65": 155 lbs


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