Panel Mount PC Defender

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Product Description


Need a water and dust proof enclosure for your industrial touchscreen / pc? Provide us with your custom specifications and we'll build an industrial computer cabinet with panel mount capability that is flexible enough to meet your specific needs. We can provide you with a quote for the entire computer and touchscreen LCD or just the custom metal case.

Each enclosure includes hinges, lockable latch, grommet for  communication / power cable entry, easy access door, and a built-in fan for positive or negative airflow to protect your components from dust and heat. The enclosure door opens easily for quick access to the computer. The powder coated steel or stainless steel case ensures durability that will last for years to come. Patent Pending.


Industrial protection for computers and LCDs used by Coca Cola
Protective enclosures for electronics used by P & G
Affordable Industrial Computers used by Ford
Digital Signage Kiosks
PC protection from dust and water used by Cargill
Buffalo Wild Wings LCD enclosures
Industrial Computer Enclosures used by GM

About PC Enclosures

Computer Enclosures manufactured by PC Enclosures are the premier protection solution used worldwide. Our PC and LCD TV enclosures are the perfect solution for wet or dusty industrial environments and other areas such as schools, retail, arenas, convention centers, and outdoor locations.