Computer & LCD Enclosures

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Computer Enclosure products for outdoor and industrial areas

Our water, dust, and tamper proof computer enclosures are built out of tough powder coated steel or stainless steel. Our world class fabricating and welding team insists on only the best quality to help you operate your display electronics and equipment at the highest level without interruptions. Our computer enclosures come with a fan and filter system for cooling, and top-of-the-line keyed locks.

PC Defender Enclosure

PC Qube Enclosure

PC Defender with Pedestal

Panel Mount PC Defender

Sloped Top LCD Guardian Enclosure

LCD Guardian Enclosure

LCD Guardian Enclosure with Pedestal


Sloped Top TV Enclosures
Computer Enclosure
Stainless TV Enclosure with Pedestal
Computer Enclosures Feature Diagram
Computer Enclosure - PC Qube & Drawer Module
Computer Enclosure - Mobile Fortress Mobile Base
Panel Mount Computer Enclosures


Industrial protection for computers and LCDs used by Coca Cola
Protective enclosures for electronics used by P & G
Affordable Industrial Computers used by Ford
Digital Signage Kiosks
PC protection from dust and water used by Cargill
Buffalo Wild Wings LCD enclosures
Industrial Computer Enclosures used by GM

About PC Enclosures

Computer Enclosures manufactured by PC Enclosures are the premier protection solution used worldwide. Our PC and LCD TV enclosures are the perfect solution for wet or dusty industrial environments and other areas such as schools, retail, arenas, convention centers, and outdoor locations.